Breast Care Gift Bag

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A 1oz Breast Butter and a 1oz Violet Oil in a burgundy muslin bag with (lavender, rosemary, & rose) potpourri.

Breast Butter and Violet Oil encourages you to touch your breasts with love and appreciation. Through regular breast self exams and massage, you can deepen your understanding of your breast tissue and notice textural changes that occur with our monthly cycles and menopausal years. This enhanced awareness of normal fluctuations makes it easier to detect abnormal changes so that you can alert your health practitioner.

We recommend Breast Butter and Violet Oil:
• for breast massage and breast exams
• for sore, tender, or painful breasts
• post surgery, to help reduce pain and scarring
• during prenatal care, to reduce stretch marks
• for fibrocystic breasts
• for a regular breast care routine
• as preventative care

These products are for external use only. Do not use on breasts while nursing. Do not use on open wounds, or on scars with signs of infection (such as: redness, pain, and swelling).

Earthen Heart Botanicals

Daily breast care routines. Soften old & new scars.

Skincare products for scar healing and breast care. Handmade with organically grown and ethically wildcrafted plants.